Smith & Wesson Rebate Offer

Purchase any NEW M&P SHIELD® pistol, M&P® BODYGUARD®380 pistol, or S&W® SD™ or SDVE™ pistol and receive a mail-in rebate.
Offer valid April 1 - June 30, 2017

Online Shopping



UPDATE!!!  Since going live in January we have nothing but happy customers. Everything is going well and orders are being filled promptly. We recently added 2 more distributors bringing the item totals to over 200,000 for you to choose from. More ship direct to consumer opportunities have opened up as well!


Our new shopping site:  will have live availability and the ability to order directly from 6 of our top distributors. Most items will be able to be shipped directly to you. Guns will still be shipped to the store for PICS and delivery to the customer*.

*Please see store policies for info about failed background checks.

Yes. You will see some lower prices online than in the store. That's because we don't have to stock over 125,000 items that will be available to you. Choose ship to you or ship to the store at checkout. It's that simple!

Not all items will be available to ship directly to you. As more distributors are added that will change. Anything you send to the store will have free shipping.

If you have any comments about the new online shopping, please contact me at

Thanks for the continued support of your local gun shop!


Our used guns will not be listed on the shopping site. Please see the used gun list (on our main website, New guns, IN THE STORE, will still contiinue to be listed on the website.

*Coupons, discounts, gift certificates, gift cards will not apply to online purchases.*