Special for Veterans from Glock

Special announcement for Veterans!!!

Glock is honoring veterans by allowing us to sell Blue Label guns to honorably discharged vets with a copy of their DD214 between Memorial Day and Labor Day 2018. This is in addition to the GSSF and Blue Label program for First Responders and retired military personnel. Stop in and see if you qualify for this discount program that says Thank You to those who protect us and keep us safe! 

In-store sales kiosk!!!

We are pleased to announce that we now have a stand-alone kiosk in the store for your ordering convenience! Ordering online directly from our distributors is the easiest way to get hard-to-get products to you. Of course we aren't able to stock all products so we brought the warehouse to you. Search out what you're looking for, place the order, pay for it online and it will ship to our store promptly. When your order arrives we'll call you. Firearms still require all paperwork to be completed and a $6.00 PICS fee. You'll also find you can save a few bucks by ordering this way! So check it out. Ask for a demonstration today. As always, you can access this feature and order from the comfort of home at any time.