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Edge Eyewear is our brand of Safety/Sunglasses manufactured for use in construction, sports and active lifestyle industries. Specifically, we are in the market to sell “fashionable” safety glasses that offer technology which here-to-fore has never been offered in protective eyewear.  Our frames are engineered to offer exceptional comfort and other useful features, and our lenses have unique light management properties.  For example, although it has been attempted for more than 25 years, we were the first company ever to manufacture a Polarized safety glass. We are the first safety eyewear company to offer Blue Light Filter technology often called “blue blocker”; also G-15 technology which was first developed by the US Air Force and finally a technology we refer to as Aqua Precision that was designed by NASA.


The unique benefits of our eyewear include:

  1. Styling consistent with the latest fashion. (Our designers travel to Italy, Hong Kong, New York, Salt Lake and Los Angeles  to the most significant trade shows for eyewear design to do their research.)
  2. Frames that are lightweight and flexible and yet are strong enough to pass the rigorous tests ANSI puts them through. We also have the added features of Edge-Flex and Megol which brings about a good fit and then keeps the glasses in place.
  3. Our light managing lenses offer such benefits as:
    • Enhancement of light in low light level conditions
    • High contrast properties
    • Filtration of blue light which eliminates eye fatigue, tired and sore eyes
    • Polarized technology which filters out excess light in the form of glare and reflected light off of water, glass and other reflecting surfaces
    • G-15 lenses maximize the transmission of light in the center of the light spectrum which improves  image definition and actually creates a cooling sensation to the eyes
    • Aqua Precision which blocks additional UV and all infrared light offering the user precise optical clarity in bright light conditions.
  4. Finally, we offer the most important benefit of all…. The confidence of knowing your eyes are safe with us.


We recognize and support the idea that safety-rated glasses should be worn off the jobsite as well. During sporting activities, rocks, branches, dust, glass and other air born projectiles can impact the eye; these glasses are built to stand up to that abuse as well as scrapes and crashes. Additionally, the glasses are also used as sunglasses when there is excessive sunlight, high UV index, or the user needs to: eliminate glare while fishing, improve contrast while in the mountains snowboarding and skiing, have the comfort and clarity of the copper lens while driving, or just needs to look cool.


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