About Us

The store started in 1988 as GUNS-R-US in a little room in an exterminator business on W. Main Street in Jeffersonville, PA by Luke Kelly, John Pascale and Rick Hendrickson.  Luke and John were West Norriton police officers and Rick was a hunting partner with Luke.  The giant "R-US" company took offense to the name and forced them to stop using the moniker so the name was then changed to the Alibi Gun Shop.


The business soon outgrew it's small space and moved one block to the old schoolhouse at Main St. and School Lane where the business thrived and expanded to a larger area inside the building.  Soon thereafter, John was diagnosed with cancer and passed away.  The business was then sold to Jeff Balch, another West Norriton officer, and Celeste Bunczk.   A short time later the business was again sold and this time to Bill Gordon, former owner of the Firearms Company in East Norriton.  The name was changed to InSite Firearms and continued to be successful and has been purchased back by Luke to allow Bill to begin his trek toward retiring.


On May 1st, 2006, Luke along with his wife Jackie, opened the doors to their new location at 2101 W. Main Street directly across from the schoolhouse.  It is a 3900 sq. ft. building with over 2000 sq ft of showroom. It is located in the Burn-Ridge Shopping Center.  Luke Kelly enjoyed a 20+ year career in law enforcement attaining the rank of Detective with West Norriton Police until his retirement in May 2006.  He is an NRA certified Police Firearms Instructor since 1988.  He is an avid hunter and shooter and is a member of the Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club and the National Rifle Association.  Bill Gordon has been involved in the firearms business for over 30 years starting in the Navarone Gun Shop in Conshohocken, PA.  He moved to Hillcrest Shopping Center and opened The Firearms Store. Bill then relocated to West Norriton and rented space from Grey's Outfitters on Main St. He eventually purchased InSite Firearms.  Bill is also a member of the Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club and the NRA.  Most all of the people who work at InSite are members of the Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club and NRA members. Several are also NRA certified Civilian Firearms Instructors.


Original Owners (left to right): John Pascale, Rick Hendrickson, Luke Kelly