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Alien Gear Holsters - Quality Concealed Carry Holsters for IWB ( inside the waistband ) and OWB ( outside the waistband ) concealment Hello and welcome to Alien Gear Holsters! We are a team of innovative go-getters bent on crafting the world’s best concealed carry holsters. Nestled in the panhandle of North Idaho, our tight-knit company designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of quality American gun holsters and accessories. We are passionate about what we do, and our team believes in an honest day’s work.


Founder and Owner Thomas Tedder has always valued a quality holster at an affordable price. This is how we began our business in 2013, and it’s how we continue to do business today. We are proud to offer the best holster products in the world. Period.


Feel free to explore our website and send your questions to our super friendly customer service team! We are here to help.


Second Amendment Support

The Second Amendment is the reason we are in business today, and we owe it to our veterans for protecting this freedom. Many of our employees, including our founder and CEO, are veterans of our great nation.


Award-Winning Holster Designs

As a product of our hard work and passion for what we do, concealed carriers nationwide have awarded Alien Gear Holsters 4.6 out of 5-stars on Google. Our team was also honored to receive the “Best Holster in the History of Ever” from Concealed Nation, the largest concealed carry website in the world.


The History of Alien Gear Holsters

The history of Alien Gear Holsters is an interesting story... not often do you get to see progression being from the kitchen to an empire.


In 2010, Thomas Tedder’s firearm slipped from his holster and clattered to the ground in a Chucky Cheese parking lot. This unfortunate mishap drew attention from nearby patrons.


Knowing that he could no longer depend on someone else’s holster, Tedder began to build his own from the confines of his kitchen. As business grew, the young inventor moved his operation to a shed in his backyard.


Over the course of five years, our team has built Alien Gear Holsters into the leading concealed carry holster company. We moved into our new facility in Post Falls, Idaho, in November of 2016.


We have kept our values intact through this time of growth.. Continue reading at: