"In Site Firearms recognizes that with rights come responsibilities. We join the Montgomery County and Law Enforcement communities in grieving the loss of a fallen hero, Officer Brad Fox. Officer Fox was killed with a gun obtained through a straw purchase here. We are committed to avoiding straw purchases at this store in the future. In Site Firearms is implementing measures to do all it can to prevent tragedies like that from ever happening again. In Site Firearms recognizes that as a federally-licensed firearms dealer, it has an important role to play in preventing dangerous people from obtaining firearms, and keeping its community safe. In Site Firearms encourages all gun dealers to go beyond the minimum statutory requirements and implement safe business practices to prevent firearms from being obtained by criminals, straw purchasers, and other persons who pose a danger to themselves or others when in possession of a firearm, including by screening for indicators of straw sales and alerting law enforcement whenever suspicions arise."